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Make the world a better place

Defeat evil forces, apply bandaids to puppies, and, more importantly, help real people resolve a painful problem. If you’ve wanted to use your technical skills and other talents as a force for good, here’s your chance. Our work has been recognized by international press outlets including The Economist, CNNMoney, NBC, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Mag and there is still a lot more to come. Help us get there.

Challenge yourself, challenge an industry

Scale enormous peaks, soar to new heights, learn about something new. We’re bringing Silicon Valley technology to an old industry. We’re financial industry outsiders, and we have been learning from day zero. Everyone at ReadyForZero is encouraged to take on projects at the limit of their ability. We are looking for people who want responsibility and thrive when challenged to do more with less. We embrace diversity. We've got our share of PhD dropouts, public school polymaths, private school brainiacs and openly welcome everyone in-between.

Benefits package

We offer a Benefits package that is hard to beat! Full Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage from big name providers. We provide full bike insurance for our Hipster employees to make sure their fixies stay in tip top working order. Everyone else gets a Bart / Muni pass to whisk them about the city in style. We offer peace of mind as well as a generous piece of equity. So not only will you own your responsibilities but a small part of a great company. Other perks include weekly catered lunches, all the odwalla you can drink, company sponsored ski lessons and flexible work schedules.

ReadyForZero team


  • Back to top Infrastructure Automation Lead

    We seek that person that is passionate about infrastructure management and loves to build the tools necessary to let a small team manage a large deployment. Infrastructure management is still stuck in the stone ages. Let's change that.

    What you'll do when you start

    • Watch over our EC2 instances like a mother lion watches over her pride.
    • Wield the futuristic tools that you build to let you dexterously automate complex infrastructure operations.
    • Build systems to audit, scan and protect our network.
    • Proactively address security exploits.

    Desired experience

    • Several years experience with scripting languages like Python and Ruby (you can still contact us if you’re a Perl refugee, but we are going to ask you some insanely hard PCRE questions).
    • Participation in the community, subscribing to security mailing lists and attending conferences (Defcon, Black Hat).
    • Have negotiated SLAs.
    • You have had a 'rm -rf' accident, and you get a pit in your stomach whenever you type that.
    • You have coherently solved hundreds of complex network and server issues while most of your team was still sleeping.
  • Back to top Frontend Engineer

    Design and implement a stunning, fast and well-tested user experience.

    What you’ll do when you start

    • Work with the latest Javascript technologies like backbone.js, require.js and jasmine.
    • Work with our amazing design/ux team to implement award-winning interfaces that our users love.

    Desired experience

    • Passion for shipping user-facing code.
    • Experience wrangling Internet Explorer while ignoring Chromium's magical rendering engine.
  • Back to top Backend Engineer

    Design and implement clean abstractions, ship bug-free code fast in Clojure, Python and Java.

    What you’ll do when you start

    • Build internal tools to help us understand our unique analytics data.
    • Build sophisticated modelling to help users understand the impact of their decisions.
    • Build infrastructure so that we can develop fast, correct code quickly.
    • Forget vim, learn emacs.

    Desired experience

    • Built web frontends or backends or some distributed system.
    • Have demonstrated passion for learning new languages and tech.
  • Back to top QA Engineer

    Seeking someone who can not only engage with our users but dive in to the code and squash some bugs. Ideally you’d think about customer support and QA as an engineering problem and optimize it.

    What you’ll do when you start

    • Respond to Customer support requests through multiple channels: Email, Facebook, Tweets, and Telephone.
    • Track and Analyze support request trends to help us find problems before they get out of hand.
    • Test our product from every angle for poisonous biting bugs.

    Desired experience

    • Able to subsist on a diet of sassy banter, cutting wit, and harsh sarcasm.


  • Back to top User Experience Designer

    Do you like solving important problems? Our small, award-winning design team uses psychology, persuasive techniques, and a solid user experience process to improve financial behavior. We’re looking for a great user experience researcher and designer who cares deeply about doing good, and dreams of working at a startup. On our team you’ll craft awesome products that improve lives.

    What you’ll do when you start

    • Run usability tests and user research, distilling the feedback into a magic potion of ethnographic goodness.
    • Brainstorm and prototype new design solutions.
    • Wallpaper the office with hip, erroneous personas.
    • Build out our UI empire, including web apps, mobile apps, physical products, carefully-constructed chess scenarios, and a cohesive customer experience.
    • Refine our product into the simplest and most powerful tool there is for helping people beat debt.

    Desired experience

    • Several years experience researching, designing, prototyping, and iterating great products.
    • A strong portfolio showcasing your favorite work and design process (with at least one photo of a whiteboard covered in sticky notes.)
    • Participation in the UX community.
    • Knowledge of frontend code, basic visual principles. Fledgling unicorns welcome here.
  • Back to top UI Designer

    Are you popular on Dribbble? Do you spend hours massaging HTML and CSS until every pixel is in place? Well start beveling your portfolio, because we’re looking for a talented UI designer to join our award-winning team. Send us a message if you dream of joining a fast paced, early startup that is solving problems for thousands of people. We do good design, we build it, and our dexterous engineers ship it.

    What you’ll do when you start

    • Illustrate funny pictures of sad credit cards.
    • Create visual assets for all kinds of stuff, like our web app, mobile apps, marketing materials, and printed products.
    • Write clean, cutting edge front-end code.
    • Help shape the ReadyForZero visual brand and language.
    • Decrease the size of the logo.

    Desired experience

    • Portfolio of work that people love.
    • You play Photoshop and Illustrator like a piano and teach us new shortcuts.
    • A passion for pixel-perfect, beautifully organized layer structures.
    • A desire to polish our existing designs until they’re good enough to hang up on your wall.


  • Back to top VP of Marketing

    ReadyForZero is in search of an experienced marketer to join its growing team. Our small, high-energy team is looking for someone who loves to tell authentic stories that can effectively drive growth and build trust. This role requires strong analytical skills (spreadsheet wrangling), creative and fearless thinking (anything is possible), and real-world experience growing consumer and/or enterprise Internet companies (you’ve marketed great technology products before). This role is for someone who isn’t intimidated easily and can communicate clearly to a variety of audiences including, but not limited to, technical teams and external partners.

    What you do when you start

    • Proudly obsess over language, materials and techniques that will accelerate the awareness of ReadyForZero’s tools and corporate mission.
    • Devise repeatable experiments to test paid and unpaid marketing channels.
    • Work closely with our successful product and content teams to execute growth strategies that deliver results in the form of users and engagement.
    • Be an unstoppable internal and external champion of ReadyForZero.
    • Interact comfortably with users, partners, and press directly.

    Desired experience

    • 5+ years Internet marketing experience - TV/media experience is a plus.
    • Demonstrable (hands-on) track record for driving measurable growth.
    • You know the difference between SEM v. SEO and how to measure LTV and ROI but you definitely hate meaningless acronyms.
    • You are extremely detail-oriented - marketing messages that are inconsistent and/or use bad grammar are your worst nightmare.
    • You believe great products should be marketed using authentic, transparent, and ethical techniques without compromise.

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