Tackle Debt + Protect Credit

Proven financial tools for managing debt, tracking credit, and building wealth.

Step 1: Get Your Free ReadyForZero Plan

Take control of your debt with this free tool. Get a 360-degree view and make smarter decisions on your own with a complete picture of your finances. This award-winning online and mobile planning tool is free forever.

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    Your Personalized Plan

    Link all your accounts (student loans, credit cards, mortgages), make a faster payoff plan, and visualize your progress.

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    Reminders and Notifications

    Actively track deposits, payments, interest rates and money saved.

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    Use Your Cash More Wisely

    Link your checking account to get notified of deposits that can be used to save more time and money.

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    Take It All with You

    Having access to your personal finances on-the-go is way more fun. Right?

Step 2: Upgrade to Reach Your Financial Goals Faster

Upgrade (or downgrade) anytime to unlock powerful options:
$10 per month or $15 per month with extra credit features

“I’m still over the moon that I was able to pay down all my high interest debt and I credit ReadyForZero with keeping me on track. You made me feel like I was pursuing a goal rather than barely staying ahead of ever-mounting debt. It’s a subtle difference in thought but it made a huge impact on me.”
— Abby, A Happy User

Automate Your Plan with

Boost your plan with automatic payments. Your upgraded plan works for you around the clock with biweekly, monthly, and one-time payments that save you time and money. Automate all your payments to tackle debt faster, and use our deposit alerts to make payment decisions.

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    Align payments with paychecks automatically

    Set up biweekly payments so that you never miss a payment and send out payments when you have cash.

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    Visualize savings with every payment

    Receive immediate feedback on interest and time savings as you tackle debt.

Know and Track Your Credit Score with

Upgrade to to get your VantageScore 3 credit score (provided by Experian), which we’ll update monthly for you. What better way to measure your financial health and succeed financially?

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    Automatically track your credit score

    Track your credit score and pre-qualify for better financial products.

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    Stay motivated online or on-the-go

    Feel good about your progress and track your goals in real-time, wherever you are!