Answers to common questions you’ve asked us.

Is ReadyForZero secure?

Yes, ReadyForZero is PCI Level 1 compliant and uses the latest bank-level technologies to keep you safe. Please see our security page for more information.


How much does ReadyForZero cost?

ReadyForZero’s award-winning basic financial tools are free: $0. However, we also offer a powerful premium upgrade that has a monthly fee. We also partner with select financial services companies in order to keep it free but never share personally identifiable information without permission. We are dedicated to delivering transparent and useful financial products. We don’t, for example, allow users to charge our premium services to their credit cards, this means paying for our services will never negatively impact your debt reduction goals.


How does ReadyForZero make money?

ReadyForZero makes money in two ways:

  1. Premium services like (which are sometimes offered to customers free through partners);
  2. Our Savings Platform.

ReadyForZero’s premium upgrade will save you more time and money. is a premium upgrade that allows you to automate your plan by making one-time or recurring monthly and biweekly payments while tracking your credit. This service is a way to manage all your debts and track credit safely and automatically online, just "set it and forget it". We are constantly adding new premium features to simplify how you manage your financial life.

Our unique savings platform is a way for trusted financial partners to work directly with you and make offers that will either lower your interest rate, help you reduce debt faster, or give you a smaller monthly payment. The platform supports all kinds of personal scenarios and was designed to be flexible. With the ReadyForZero Savings Platform, we’re able to get these offers for you without sharing any personal information with third-parties. It’s completely anonymous and you can turn it off yourself at anytime (browse to "Settings (Gear Icon)->Notifications") and every offer can be dismissed without consequence.

We are dedicated to delivering transparent and useful financial products. We don’t, for example, allow users to charge our premium services to their credit cards, this means paying for our services will never negatively impact your debt reduction goals.

If you accept an offer from one of our partners, that institution will pay us a small fee for helping to initiate the process. These offers are always voluntary, and we’re committed to only presenting offers that will help you financially.


How is ReadyForZero different from “debt relief” companies?

  1. ReadyForZero is free online software. We are NOT a debt relief, collection, credit counseling or debt settlement company. We give you the tools and information you need to make a plan and build wealth sooner on your own. In fact, regular users of our program pay off debt twice as fast. Here’s our policy: We let you know in straightforward language if or when there is an opportunity to help you and if/how we profit from it (like our ReadyForZero PLUS upgrade or partner offers). We’re unlike anything you’ve seen before, it’s that simple. We do not create special plans or negotiate concessions on your behalf with creditors.
  2. Please review our How It Works section for more details.

What is ?

is a way to take action on payment recommendations through one-time and recurring monthly and biweekly bill payments right from your ReadyForZero plan (while tracking your credit). Ideally, we could automate everything! Signing up for this service does not negatively affect your credit score.

  1. ReadyForZero PLUS is $10 per month and allows you to make one-time, monthly, and biweekly payments.
  2. ReadyForZero PLUS Credit is $15 per month and allows you to make one-time, monthly, and biweekly payments and track your credit score, which updates once per month.

In some cases, we will work with partners and allow them to offer services free-of-charge to their customers directly.

If you do upgrade, you can downgrade easily to the free plan anytime - without a phone call. We’re so dedicated to delivering transparent financial products that we don’t allow you to charge premium services on your credit card. This means paying for our services will never negatively impact your debt reduction goals.


Are there real-life success stories that prove ReadyForZero works?

Yes. We’ve helped thousands pay down millions on their own. We celebrate their stories here and here.


What countries are supported?

Only the USA for now but we have international aspirations.
We do not officially support other countries at this time. Of course, we acknowledge that managing debt is a financial challenge that affects those outside the United States! Please stay tuned.


Does using ReadyForZero negatively impact my credit score?

ReadyForZero does not report to credit bureaus and using the product does not negatively impact your credit score. If you miss payments or make late payments your credit score will be impacted regardless of if you are using ReadyForZero or not. We hope that using our product will make it less likely that you get into situations where your credit score is impacted but using the product will not cause this to happen. If you consistently make progress toward your goals using ReadyForZero, it is possible that your credit score may actually improve over time because of your own behaviors not due to anything we’re able to do or provide specifically.


Is there a ReadyForZero mobile app?

Yes. We support both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

For Apple iOS devices, you can download the ReadyForZero app at the App Store. If you don’t have a ReadyForZero account yet, the app will automatically send you an e-mail with instructions on how to complete the registration process online. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be all set to use the iPhone app!

For Android devices, you can download the ReadyForZero app at the Google Play Store.

Our mobile apps let you follow your progress while you’re on the go — including your balances, your payments, your plan, and your interest rates.


I found a debit transaction called ‘BILLPAY VIA RFZ’ after initiating a payment with ReadyForZero. What is a ‘BILLPAY VIA RFZ’?

Transactions on your bank or lender statements referencing “BILLPAY VIA RFZ” are payment transactions you scheduled using ReadyForZero PLUS. Our monthly subscription fees for this service display as ‘READYFORZERO.COM’. Please refer to the terms of use for additional information.


How do I cancel or delete my ReadyForZero account?

You can cancel your ReadyForZero account at any time on your own: log in using your account credentials, browse to “Settings (Gear Icon)->RFZ ACCOUNT” and click on “Delete Your ReadyForZero Account”.

NOTE: This is a permanent operation that will remove all your account data; it cannot be reversed! If you have trouble doing this yourself, please email us: support@readyforzero.com. A common reason for deleting your account is because you successfully got out of debt. If this is the case, congratulations!


What is my Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

Your APR is the interest rate you pay on a yearly basis. If you have a $1,000 balance on a card with a 10% APR, you will pay about $100 in interest over the next year (assuming you don’t spend or make additional purchases). NOTE: this is different than your actual interest rate which does not account for fees and associated costs. Your interest rate is the base cost to you for borrowing money excluding any fees.

You can typically find your APR and interest rate on your loan or credit card statements.


How are my minimum payments calculated? Why does it take so long to pay off my credit cards?

Minimum payments are approximately 2% of your total balance. This will vary from issuer to issuer.


Why did my credit card company lower my available credit limit?

Your available balance is calculated using a combination of things including but not limited to:

  • your income (self-reported)
  • your debt to income ratio
  • your credit score
  • other factors

Sometimes, you can negotiate a higher available balance, but you should think carefully before doing so because it may provide too much temptation.


One of my accounts isn’t linking — help?

Try again after a couple days or add the debt manually. (We know this is inconvenient, and appreciate your patience!) Here’s a bit more info about what happens behind the scenes:

We use a service that maintains connections to thousands of banks, allowing our users to automatically track their debt. When a bank upgrades or changes their online system, the connection to that bank can stop working. If you’ve seen a note about connectivity next to a bank, that means we’re aware of an issue with that particular bank.

Trying to link the account from time to time accomplishes two things: (1) If it’s fixed, it will connect and you’ll be on your way. (2) If it fails, the system automatically notifies the team that it’s still not linking. Unfortunately we can’t give individual estimates on when a connection will be fixed, as each bank’s system is unique. Manually adding these problematic accounts is a good alternative option.

Debts added manually must be updated periodically to keep your plan up-to-date. Remember, manually added and updated accounts can be merged later if a bank or lender is supported in the future. If you have upgraded, you can also set up one-time and recurring payments to manually added accounts.


How does manual account tracking work?

Manual account tracking is a feature that allows you to enter in any debt or deposit account that can’t be linked. That includes accounts that don’t link right away, accounts we don’t yet support, and accounts that can’t be linked to online (such as a loan from a loved one, tax debt, and medical debt). Payments can also be made to most manually added accounts after upgrading to .

To take advantage of manual account tracking, you simply search for the account you would like to link and, if it’s not listed or you are unable to link it, type in your account name and select the option to add it manually. We’ll then ask you for your balance, interest rate, and minimum payment (optional). This information will be taken into account as part of your plan the same way a linked account is. If you’re not being charged interest or haven’t set a minimum payment, you can enter 0% for the interest rate and select a dollar amount for a minimum payment that makes sense for your budget.

If you have any questions about this, please email support@readyforzero.com.


ReadyForZero Not Working/Broken?

If you’re still encountering issues with ReadyForZero, please contact us directly at support@readyforzero.com. We are very responsive with our support requests.