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Have you read our blog, used our resource centers, or signed up on our website? Maybe you just stumbled across our name on the internet. No matter how you got to us, we’re glad you’re here! Join our community so we can work together on reaching your goals.

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1: Get Started with ReadyForZero

What’s ReadyForZero all about? Our number one mission is to empower you to pay off your debt in the simplest way possible. We provide tools to help you make a plan and visuals to keep you motivated. Learn more about and how it works then sign up to create your very own plan!

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2: Work Your Way to MVP

What do we love more than helping you pay off debt? Hearing your story! That’s why we’re sharing our very own MVP ReadyForZero users with you. Use our MVP page to find out how people just like you managed to take control of their debt and reclaim their lives.

Then, as you start to progress towards your own payoff goals, sign up to become an MVP and share your story with us! In just a few months, you could go from debt-ridden to being a source of success and inspiration to others. Together we can build a community to eliminate debt once and for all.
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3: Pay Off Debt. Build Wealth.

After you’ve reached success in paying off debt, we want to make sure that you take the skills you’ve developed to move forward and build wealth. That way you can turn the road to financial freedom into the road to financial prosperity - and ensure that you never deal with debt again.

On the Moving Forward page, you’ll find words of wisdom from financial experts on things like: dealing with the emotions of paying off debt, building an emergency fund, starting a retirement savings, and learning to invest. Consider this your financial toolbox!
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